Reviewing the Races in Baseball

Kansas City fans are enjoying both ends of the spectrum these days.  Not only have they practically clinched the AL Central but the Tigers are self destructing in the process.  The other five division races at least have an element of intrigue to discuss.  So APEX Baseball Betting fans, let us go over the state of the affairs of the top teams in basebal entering September.

AL East : Features a close race with two teams that play each other seven times still. Given how both Tex and A-Rod have fallen off, look for the Jays to win this in comfortable fashion.

AL West : Never know until you play the games.  Whom would have picked the Rangers and Astros as the team to tail in this one.  With the power hitting dependent aspect of Houston, a slump might come to allow Texas to get closer.

NL East : Help is definitely need for the Nationals. Even though there are six head to head games left with the Mets, New York is firing on all cylinder.  Look for Washington to stumble some more.

NL Central :  Pittsburgh has a chance to catch St. Louis.  The Cardinals win and their starting rotation is a big reason.  Number gurus could tell you why St.Louis wins but to us it is nothing that the Pirates can not overcome.

NL West : The Giants are buried.  Anytime you are swept by the leader in September then your practical chances are done.

It appears that the Dodgers have also virtually clinched their race despite the fact that their lead is not in double digits.  Stay tuned to APEX Baseball Betting as we are hitting the home stretch for the Great Game.  Good fortune in your wagers today and have a safe holiday weekend.