Rare MLB Malady Derails the Jays

Toronto relinquished a smidgen of their lead to 3.5 games over the Yankees this weekend.  However news coming from North of the Border is not bright and rosy.  One of their high profile players they acquired has gone down for at least two to three weeks.  The injury is so odd in the arena of baseball that medical personnel on the team reached out to another sports league for assistance.  Read on to find out what it was and how will this effect the fate and fortune of those that rail the Jays.

Cracked Shoulder Blade

This is much more common in the high impact NFL.  Among baseball players, this is not a common injury.  What was the cause of all of this?  A simple popup that ended up with a collision with the Jays centerfielder. Troy Tulowitzki is now out with a cracked shoulder blade. Some are saying that the Atlanta series a ways away would be the point for which the team would know about his status.  Others are whispering the dreaded word of October.  So what does this mean?

Price and He

The launching point for their second half rally was Troy and David Price joining the team. Half of it was the bat, leadership, and glove he gave the lineup.  The rest was the signal by ownership that they were going to do all they could for this season.  Subtraction of Reyus and the rest was history.  Now can Toronto continue to climb during Tulo’s absence?

Most of their mashing ability they had before Troy came to Toronto.  If they can receive concrete medical evidence of a firm timetable then this team will be fine.  If it is open to interpretation then Toronto could flounder if the Yankees were not utterly exhausted.  Either way the Jays will still claim the AL East because New York has little left in the tank.