Raining Down the MLB Run Lines in April 4/18

Make the most of the uncertain situations in April by letting run lines bloom your bankroll.  That – 1 1/2 we can spot wagering favorites takes us from the dungeon of heavy chalk and into the fresh air of high altitude + wagering.  Mostly for the higher powered American League, one can be highly selective and cash in on this aspect in the National.  So come on for the ride to valueville with APEX Baseball Betting in your corner.

MLB Run Lines : Reward the White Sox

Chicago’s lines are going to be off for their home game against the Angels.  Few no what to do with the White Sox at 8-4 but losing the last two on the road at Tampa.  Ten games already on the road compared to only two at home have this Windy City team performing over expectation so far.  Not only that but the tendency for the White Sox is that when they win in 2016 that they do so in grand fashion.  The – 1 1/2 is usually not a major impediment for them so far.  Santiago is pitching for the Angels and he was the point of contention last year when LAA tanked.  More people thought he should have pitched hurt.  LAA is still nose diving this year at 5-7 with getting swept in Minnesota to limp on in here.  The -121 ML White Sox is a good value but the – 1 1/2 RL of +175 or so does so much better for our bankroll in this situation.

Confer With the Totals

Another omen to look for when pondering the runline is the total that the line is assigned.  The lower total translates to more of a runs at a premium.  Hence the chances of that two run bulge being in play generally goes down.  The exception is when the ace strolls to the mound for the favorite.  It still behooves you in this situation to consult the type of run support that this pitchers gets as a tiebreaker to whether to put this sports investment in your portfolio.  This and many of facets are included in APEX Baseballs Run Lines section to read at your leisure.  Higher totals should be more of a jump on the train situation.  Again the only point of contention here is whether your pitchers ERA makes up more than 50 percent of the projected total.  In this scenario, one might hold off the wager entirely.

Bundles of profit are there for the taking with the – 1 1/2 RL with all that extra boost to the bankroll.  Too many of our ML wins are of the blowout variety.  We are just preparing for that extra profit that we would pound with that – ML bet anyways. Good fortune to this new dimension to our wagering and we will see you next week here at APEX Baseball Betting.