Prince Trying to Become Prime Time



Backstory on Yoenis

New York’s acquisition of Cesepedes was not as automatic as it would seem  There was quite a bit of dickering going on within the organization.  Can you imagine them in the same spot if they had gotten their hands on Carlos Gomez?  We could not but would you believe that the front brass still tried other options before going with the Detroit Tiger.  Jay Bruce and Justin Upton were vigorously pursue but each deal self destructed.  Swallowing their pride, they finally ceded to the king’s ransom of the Tigers.  The rest is history as the Mets continue to bury the Nationals and provide autumn baseball for the Big Apple.

Fielder Reforming Image

No we are not asserting that Prince Fielder is not one of the most jovial and enjoyable players to the fans.  Instead we are talking about the son of Cecil and his missing in action attitude when it comes to key moments.  With the Rangers getting ever so close to the Astros, Prince was the one that came through with the key hit to slash Houston’s lead to 1/2 of a game.

The video was courtesy of Major League Baseball.  That it came at the expense of the division leader was doubly sweet as Prince looks to become a prime time player this year.

Finally what to make of the swoons of the leaders in each league.  Kansas City fans should not be worried except for one element.  Cueto has not clicked like everyone has hope for but a rocket of an arm should snap back for the playoffs.  Now St. Louis is another factor as there entire starting staff seems on the edge of being burnt out.  With their lead down to 2 1/2 could you imagine that a team playing so close to .700 for so long could fade so hard?  Stay tuned to APEX Baseball Betting as we monitor the situation and come out with our Cardinal Free Play next time out.