Power Rankings for Potential Playoff Teams

Two weeks remain and we have our Power Rankings for Potential Playoff Teams heading in the postseason.  Wonderful to see everyone gathered here again here at APEX Baseball Betting.  Gaining perspective by these values gives a perspective on potential mismatches that the oddsmaker’s forumlas miss.  SO now we reveal who we think has the goods and which ones will lack being clutch in the second season.

Power Rankings : Future Playoff Possibilities

Most likely to gain the Wild Card and flail in the game are the Toronto Blue Jays.  What might really cripple this team is the reoccurring blister issue of Aaron Sanchez.  With most of the starters not running on fumes, their bats are going to have to carry them.  Sad for them that the postseason makes the transition to starting pitching in these modern times.

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Shining Stars  

Rangers appear to be the strongest of all the American League for the playoffs.  Carlos Gomez is rounding into good form with an excellent couple of weeks.  Hamels and Darvish give them two reliable outs so that they can have four games covered in a long series.  If Griffin or Perez can gain some more control then they should advance to the World Series.

Now we have the Cubs or Nats in the National League.  Both Franchises have grown up before our eyes.  Chicago is better offensively.  Without Strasburg, Washington’s slight advantage in starting pitching evaporates.  Cubs have the edge in these two teams with only a red hot Dodger team with Kershaw threatening them in the NL.

October baseball is when the big bets should come out.  Best sport on the planet with a long lasting tradition.  Boys of summer should make us all profit when fall comes upon us. Good fortune today and we will see you next time here at APEX Baseball Betting.