Power Ranking Propel or Plummet Wagering Value

Besides brand name, one of the most significant trends with the betting public are the power rankings.  Easy to scan, and fun to argue over, this  serves as a barometer to what teams are being hopped on or off in the immediate future.  Couple that with pre opening day expectations and Apex Baseball will examine what franchises are under and over valued as May rolls in.

The Least Still Have Fleas

Little was expected from the Brewers and Texas.  They have lived up to the lack of expectations.  Milwaukee could be in full selling spree mode by mid June.  Meanwhile, the Rangers are an interesting mix of buy and sell all at the same time.  With selectivity, their 7-12 record only comes in at -308 in profit.  Which means guess right and the value is there.  However, the addition of Josh Hamilton might give this franchise more betting life than it should.  With Prince and Hamilton, effort might be made to get their careers back in shape.  Normally a selective buy, this tandem will hold down prices a little too long in Mayn.

Even Steven : Padres

W-L Units Home Away Day Night
ML 11-10 +79 6-5 5-5 4-4 7-6
ATS 10-11 -132 4-7 6-4 5-3 5-8

This is a team that is hovering around 50 percent in almost every stat listed here.  They were not even that great or a favorite nor an underdog when they faced the Dodgers in a three game set.  All this means is that when you pick the right time in May, you can cash in with good ML prices. The math and linesmakers have not caught up with this team yet.  Start focusing on the Padres right now and do not wait for May.

Finally, the Detroit Tigers are below value to pick to win every night.  Yes they have posted a profit but that recent Yankee’s debacle gave a lot of it back.  The good thing about Detroit in the month of May is tht win or lose, the runline is usually in play.  Guess correctly on the favorite with – 1 1/2 and your bankroll will blossom.  Good luck and please follow these trends.  Apex Baseball betting will be back with more handy wagers for May.