Phoning it in at Each Position

Too often our eyes look up at the standings to see if team x can keep their winning streak intact.  Just as valuable are those whose value is plummeting.  This is called a fade and can be extracted for plenty of profit.  So let us see where the col fronts are on the MLB terrain for 8/16 and the week beyond.

Infante Underwhelming

Omar has once again having the Royals in a pickle.  He has so many intangibles until he steps to the plate.  3 for 20 this week is bad enough but with no pop on the bat with an absence of extra base hits.  Now that they have imported Ben Zorbist, could we see him audition at second base while the team has this monster lead in the AL Central.  Only time will tell but this is almost an automatic out in the lineup these days.

Nationals Injury Woes Even When Returned

Having a star out with an injury is bad enough but what makes it doubly bad is when he is rushed back to help save a sinking ship.  This is what Jayson Werth was asked from the Washington Nationals but he could not rise to the occasion.  Problem is that one can not hide his hurt as he has to step to the plate several times a game.  A bum wrist has still not completely mended it seems.  Power is dramatically off and he is posting Infante like numbers with a .150 batting average.  Yes he must earn his twenty one million per but a hurt wrist is about the hardest malady to overcome in baseball.

Finally, the overs have been hitting with frequency when the White Sox’s Jeff Samardzija takes to the hill.  An over fifteen ERA in his last two starts has handicappers and sluggers salivating.  People have a natural tendency to go to the red hot when the polar plunges can be quite profitable.  That will wrap it up here on Apex Baseball Betting and until next time we wish you good fortune in your sports investment opportunities at Amercia’s Bookie.