Phillies’ Montgomery returns as chairman

Philadelphia, PA ( – Pat Gillick will continue as the
Philadelphia Phillies’ president and David Montgomery, the club’s longtime
president who had been on a medical leave of absence, will return as the
team’s chairman, the Phillies announced Wednesday.

Gillick assumed the role of president back in August when Montgomery took a
leave of absence. He has served as a senior advisor to the president and
general manager for the Phillies since 2009.

“I am fortunate to be healthy enough now to resume some of my previous
responsibilities,” Montgomery said in a statement.

“I am very appreciative that Pat Gillick is willing and available to remain as
the club’s president. Pat and I have become very close since he joined us in
the fall of 2005. I look forward to returning to work as Phillies chairman.”

Montgomery was named president of the Phillies in 1997, succeeding Bill Giles.
He first joined the Phillies in 1971 at an entry-level position and advanced
through the sales and marketing departments to become the executive vice
president in 1981, then was named chief operating officer in 1992.

Giles, the team’s current chairman, will take on the role of chairman