Numbers Game with Harvey and the Mets

With St. Louis helping out the Mets, New York has built their lead to six and a half games over the Washington Nationals.  Now an artificial situation based on medical recommendations is rearing its ugly head.  Matt Harvey is supposed to be limited to the number of innings he is supposed to pitch for the year.  Should the concerns of the one be thrown out of the window for the sake of a team that is marching towards the NL East title?  Read on at APEX Baseball Betting to see what the Mets should do.

Six Man Rotation

Before they started to play out of their minds, the management of the Mets made news by announcing a six man pitching rotation.  Heavy coverage by national experts debated the pros and cons of this.  It would have been an interesting venture but the Mets pulled the plug.  A ramification from aborting this plan is now here.  The roof for his elbow recovery was 180 innings this year.  With a month plus the post season left, he has only twenty innings in the tank according to the doctors.  Do they just disregard the plan?  The Nationals did not a few years ago but no one has seen the words world champion next to them.  The options are.

  • Give him weeks off right now.  They have the man power to cover but how will a pitcher regain his mastery being effectively reduced to a spectator?
  • Matt Harvey is a warrior.  He will continue to press to be put into the rotation.  He will point to aces on other teams pitching upwards of 260 innings with no ill effects.

In the end, the team knew this day was coming.  Had they stuck to their guns this situation would not be here.  Look for the return of the six man rotation with Matt pitching once a week.  As a result, be prepared for the totals in the Mets game to be higher due to this and the Cespedes arrival for the team.  Good fortune wagering this angle and we will talk to you next time here at APEX Baseball Betting.