Now is the Time for Betting MLB Futures and Props at an Online Sportsbook

The focus for most sports bettors in March shifts towards college basketball while the Boys of Summer continue to prepare for another MLB season. While you still have some time before the
MLB games start counting for real, Opening Day in the Majors has been moved up to the end of this month. This means that now is the perfect time to take advantage of all the MLB futures and prop bet odds that the top online sportsbooks have posted on their betting boards.

The best value on the board when it comes to betting MLB futures is before the season gets underway. If you decide to go chalk with the favorites when it comes to winning a division title,
league pennant or World Series crown, those odds are bound to dip lower once those favorites start winning the majority of their regular season games. If you are looking to take a flyer on a
few teams with longer odds to upset the field in those same three races, the value in their odds will only be diminished if you are right.

Baseball is the longest season of any professional team sport, so the futures odds can take quite a few twists and turns as the games wear on. Betting MLB futures is an educated guess at
best, but your goal as a bettor is to get the best value for any wager that you put in place.

The first game of the 2018 season has yet to be played, but if you happen to agree with the Oddsmakers that the New York Yankees will win the 2018 American League Pennant as the top
favorite, now is the time to place that bet. Betting on the Yankees to win the AL Pennant when they have a 10-game lead in the AL East in late summer has already drained most of the value
in that number.

Some of the best value on the board right now at your favorite online sportsbook is for any number of team and player props with betting odds. Trying to predict which starting pitcher will
win their league’s Cy Young award in 2018 can be tough to do in early March, but if you like Max Scherzer’s chances this season, his betting odds are only going to come down if he gets a
fast start out of the gate with a bunch of wins. Picking any player prop comes down to the confidence level you have in your MLB handicapping skills. However, keep in mind that whether
you are betting the favorite or taking a chance on a longshot, the value in their odds is only going to come down if your instincts were right.

Many of the top online books offer the same basic team and player props such as total team wins, total home runs hit, or strikeouts thrown. If you take the time to dig a bit deeper in the offerings, you will also uncover some special props that offer quite a bit of value in their posted odds.

Home run specialist Giancarlo Stanton moved from the Miami Marlins to the Yankees in the offseason, which is one of the reasons why New York is favored to win the AL this season. A
few of the top books have odds posted for a head-to- head showdown between Stanton and second-year phenom Aaron Judge for most home runs hit this season. You can also find prop
bet odds for the ‘over/under’ on their combined home runs this season.

If you love betting on baseball, they now is the time to get your MLB futures and prop bets in place. Opening Day is just a few weeks away and once the games do start counting in the standings it may be too late to get the best value for your betting dollar.