Stars Set to Return for NL Post Season Runs

Two powerhouses in the National League are going to react differently when stars come off of the injury list  Los Angeles now has developed the talent in a key position to afford themselves the luxury of being able to sit a star.  Meanwhile, St Louis has fallen from grace since this positional player was lost.  Stay tuned to APEX Baseball Betting to find out whom these players are and how their playoff runs will be effected when they are ready to go.

Potential of Puig?

Volatile is the word association that comes up with Puig.  Yasiel has been missing in action for most of 2015 and the Dodgers outfield has not missed a beat.  In the top ten for WaR, should chemistry and a well working machine be tinkered with to put it over the top?  Puig has the talent to carry a team for an entire series but has his best days been left behind him.  In limited action this year, his average is down and his bat control is very sketchy.  A plummet in his walk to strikeout ratio further dampens his chances.  Mattingly indicated he wont deactivate him but that an NLDS appearance would be unlikely if the team continues to roll like it is.

Molina is Needed

Why have the Cardinals stalled in the second half of the season?  First off, it is very difficult to keep that level of concentration up for an entire 162 game season.  Secondly, a torn thumb ligament is keeping Molina out.  Unlike Puig, St. Louis will plug him in the instant that he is ready to roll.  However, a potential October comeback is less likely since his rehab has not all gone according to plan.  With a stat line of .216/.260/.298, the catcher position will likely be the downfall for St. Louis unless he can return to the lineup.

People who rail the Cardinals had better pay attention to the injury reports.  Pouring it on them might not be prudent until word of Molina’s return is confirmed.  Meanwhile, all is shipshape in the Dodger’s outfield.  A risk to chemistry might not be needed and we hope that Puig will sit quietly during LA’s run this year.  Good fortune to your wagers today and we will see you next time here at APEX Baseball Betting.