NL Powers Seeking to Bolster Ranks

National League manuevering in the offseason takes center stage at APEX Baseball Betting.  Chris Davis plays center stage in plan B for a powerhouse in the NL Central.  Meanwhile, the asking price for a Brave’s player just went through the roof.  Stay tuned to Apex as we go over these issues right now.

Braves Holding Mets Hostage

Trying to address the few weaknesses that the Mets have, they went shopping for a shortstop.  Atlanta has one that they dangled in front of NY.  Andrelton Simmons has facets that the Mets crave including two golden gloves at the position.  When the dialogue opened is when the Braves dropped the hammer.  They informed the Mets they either want Harvey or DeGrom for him.  A king’s ransom that immediately put a damper on the talks.  He is somewhat offensively limited but locked up til 2020 for a reasonable price.  Management for the Mets are insistent on keeping their stable intact.  This will be interesting because half the teams in the league have made overtures for the Braves shortstop.

Chris Davis to the Cardinals?!

One of the more interesting bits of conjecture out there.  St. Louis signing Jason Heyward comes with its own pitfall so the Cardinals have a back up plan in place.  They are considering plunking down a royal sum for former Baltimore player Chris Davis.  The rub in this is that with Scott Boras as his agent, the hurdles in signing Chris might be more and the asking price will certainly be.  His 13 and 15 seasons are a reminder of the potential he converts.  In APEX Baseball Betting’s opinion, this would be a mistake because of the biological factor.  With the length of the contract Davis is seeking, he hits thirty years old next season.  Dramatic drop offs are the historical norm at this stage.  It is Heyward or nothing in the scenario that St. Louis paints here.