NL Field : Meet the Mets

Trade deadline has come and past with two items of note.  The first is what happened to the franchise commonly referred to as the Big Apple’s other team.  Also how is it the best team in baseball is able to fly underneath all the fanfare that the rest of the league gets.  Today we look at the Mets and Cardinals as your favorites in the National League.

Cespedes Rental

Whether he resigns with the Mets or goes to Detroit, Cespedes is the missing element that the NL East needed.  Whether it was the Mets or the Nats, whomever got him was going to get a rapid uptick in what they needed.  Offensive production was down for both.  Now with him in tow, the NY Mets are the hottest team in baseball.  Our Free Pick of the Day was the runline for the visiting Mets over the Rays for the 8/8 evening game.


St. Louis has a several game lead not only in their division but in all of baseball.  This team gets very little fanfare as they just consistenly produce.  Their starting staff is not the fireballers that the Mets have but they do not need it.  Their offense is so varied that no one can put them down for an entire series.  They do not panic when the Pirate came up to challenge them.  Can not see anything but a whole bunch of injuries slowing them down before the NL championships.

As for the Dodgers, they must get Pederson back on track.  He has gotten a slew of walks to get into the swing of things.  With this pitch selection, he can spearhead that final push to put away the Giants.  So it will be a profitable down the stretch run when you use America’s Bookie as your sports investment firm.  Translate your superior sports knowledge into cash today.