Need to Know in Baseball for Oakland @ Seattle 5/23

Profit starts by determining what to need to know in baseball for the A’s at the Mariners tonight.  This May 23rd encounter has a fairly even price for both teams.  Different elements contribute to this from each franchise.  Good morning APEX Baseball Betting fans.  Today we break down the salient points for profit in betting on this game that starts Monday at 10PM EST.

Need to Know in Baseball : Pitching Dominated

We have built our fundamental understanding of baseball from the initial definitions and rules on wagering. has compiled a very handy guide for all you need to know about getting into betting on baseball.  Now we can take it to the next step.  What is the prime consideration of most any matchup?  Starting pitching will make or break the fortunes of not only the teams involved but our bankrolls.

Seattle Only -125

Here we have an Oakland team that got swept by the Yankees limping into the home of the AL West division leaders.  So how come the price is only -125.  Well the players going to the mound affect this greatly.  Seattle has Walker going for them.  Although he has reasonable stats, he has been lit up in his last four starts.  With Seattle being only 8-10 at home, it is in their best interest to make this a high scoring affair.  Alas the total is only seven runs for this game.  This is because Hill is slinging it as of late with a 3-0 record and sub one WHIP in his last three starts.  All of this combines for the price you see in front of you.

Look at the offensive outputs by both teams.  Oakland is in a slump but Yankee pitching is superior to what they see tonight.  Seattle can score with the best of them this year.  Easy option to take the over seven runs in this one.  Follow this logical path of deduction to expand your bankroll in baseball betting.  Good fortune to you this evening and we will see you next time here at APEX Baseball Betting.