Moneyline vs Runline Narrow Gap 6/20

Today on APEX Baseball Betting, we examine a game that has a narrow gap between the ML and runline.  Team in question is the Seattle Mariners.  They are on the road in Detroit this Monday.  We are witness to a total that is at ten.  In this particular situation, where would be the better number to invest over the long haul.  Stay tuned as we examine where best the profit can be found in this June 20th baseball game.

Game in Question

Both teams come in on losing skids for this one.  Seattle has had a rash of injuries to their staff.  Truth be told, Karns is there to plug the need for innings at this point.  However, he is an upgrade to Pelfrey who does not have his strikeout capability but walks just as much in a recent three game skid.  Difference between the two is in their bullpens. Tigers are prone to more late inning leaks and are in a state of exhaustion.  This is what is driving the ML move overnight.


  • ML from -115 to -139
  • RL down to -1 1-2 +110
  • Totals up from 9 1/2 to Ten (-115/-105)

Weather is high 80’s with a good amount of humidity in the air.  This is ripe for home runs as the ball travels really well through this type of atmosphere.  Now the gap is less than 50 points in the ML and RL.  Usually the runline favors the road team at -1 1/2 because of the assured nine innings at bat to build the lead.  SO when the market reaches the point where it shrinks below a 50 point gap with a double digit total, what is the play based on this situation?

It is still the runline that one should plunk down on.  Generally, one likes gaps in the 75 or greater range but this is a special circumstance.  Bullpen advantage, high total, and being the road team all favor the Mariners in relation to the runline.  It makes the likelihood of a one run road win less significant.  GO with the increased equity at Americas Bookie and bet this -1 1/2 on the Mariners today.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Baseball Betting.