MLB Trivia : Truly Turn of the Century

Generation gap is catching up to us all with MLB Trivia in our hearts and minds.  Good afternoon and welcome back to APEX Baseball Betting.  Traditionalists are a tad sadden when this flashed across our desk.  Do you realize that their are only five players who played before 2000 on MLB rosters?  When the immortal Bartolo Colon defies Father Time and nutrition in still chugging our the innings for the Mets!  Who are the other four we were more than a little surprised to find out as we share them with you right now at APEX Baseball.

MLB Trivia : Big Batters and No Name Pitcher

The batters are no surprise to those that follow baseball.  David Ortiz and his retirement tour for the Red Sox is going very well as they lead the AL East at the moment.  Now come the oldest set of killer bees.  Not Bonds and Bonilla.  We are talking about two names that are close and that I would not put money on trying to pick out of a line up.  Both now play for Texas.  Carlos Beltran and Adrian Beltre are also in the playoff hunt as Texas defies the odds once again to lead the AL West by almost double digits.  The other is a pitcher and we have no idea how he has lasted so long.

Joe Nathan

How does this 6’4″ Stony Brook product latch on to so many teams?  He has pitched only six times this season with most of it being hurt.  Somehow he not only made his way to the Giants but was called up on the 3rd of this month to help with depth.  Dont expect him to be in the pressure cooker situations but these are the straits that some teams find themselves in with regards to arms.  He should have innings to burn since he has not picked much this season.

Mostly legends with a side show reliever thrown in.  The oddest part of this MLB trivia is that they are all part of teams still in the playoffs.  This reverse robbing the cradle approach is a headscratcher at best.  In a year or two, there will be no more players from the 1900’s.  Think about that as you place a wager at Americas Bookie today.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Baseball Betting.