MLB Predictions : Dodgers Get Even Better

Bloated bankrolls had the Dodgers paying pretty pennies to put them in prime position among MLB predictions.  They are one of the onfield favorites because of their ability to invest in the present.  However what might put them over the top this year is less money and more fore thought.  A keen eye might have not only gotten the Dodgers better this year but for seasons to come with Joc Pederson.

Shaky Start Overcame

He came up too green and had eighteen games that were meh at the big league level.  This caused the plug to be pulled and for him to go back to the minors for more seasoning.  This measure has paid for handsomely for both player and team.  Joc got 30-30 numbers in the Pacific Coast league.  This got his foot in the door.  The rumor had it that with a decent spring, the job at center would be his to hold.  Quite an investment for a team primed to win it right now.  How has it turned out for them very early in 2015?

Zunino Pererson War

Tit for tat was seen in a West Coast border war between these two.  Even with Zunino being a catcher for the Mariners, these two had interactions that raised the level of both teams.  Mike threw out Joc trying to steal second twice in their meetings.  Now Pederson decided to pick on Mike with a diving catch and then nailing him at the plate with a throw out in the fifth.  Judgment on the bases will come but to have this level of defensive ability makes the Dodgers even stronger in center field.

He is certainly going through the baptism by fire.  The one limitation of his at bat is causing him more headaches by his placement in the order.  He is just above the pitcher in the order. For this reason, he can be thrown to more aggresively.  The reason is that he is not selective at the plate.  He has not met a pitch he did not like and at every level has had problems with strikeouts.

Why do we mention this player right now?  With a half of a season under his belt, he could be the final piece of the puzzle.  Remember that monster streak the Dodgers went on a few years back.  We all got better off by tailing them.  Keep an eye on this rookie.  If he finally develops an eye, the Dodgers should go on another streak like that this year.