MLB Betting : Parlays Protect Against April Chalk 4/25

Parlays propel MLB Betting profits even on those -200 and higher April chalk lines.  Good Morning and welcome to APEX Baseball Betting.  As May is almost upon us, the baseball world is starting to stabilize.  Minnesota and Atlanta were the dogs that we suspected but how about the Astros (6-13) and the Marlins (6-11)?  Cubs, Nats, and Dodgers are all living up to their payroll potentials early on.  So what happen when tonight we have a Giants team that we think will crush the Padres?  Chalk of over -200 can inflict ruin on a bankroll.  We introduce the value of baseball parlays into the equation to make these hunches more affordable to our bottom line.

MLB Betting : Parlay Start

Once one sees the bountiful harvest a correct parlay can produce, the sky is the limit for our baseball wagering.  For those that are unfamiliar with all the aspects of the parlay, APEX Baseball Betting has our Parlays, Props, and futures article that gets one up to speed on all of these topics.  Now let us look at the board.  It is prudent to let your instincts guide you for those initial impressions.  With those on the radar, we get to work to see which ones are viable targets and what ones are just ghosts that could scare us into a rash wager.

  • Cin at Mets -200 level
  • Oak at Detroit (Zimmermann starting)
  • SD @ San Fran -214 level and Bumgarner on the mound

The Menu

Three games that look attractive on today’s menu.  First game has those pesky Mets again near a -200 level but today it is for good reasons.

  • Reds 1-5 on the road
  • Mets 8-2 last ten
  • Syndergaard on the mound

Total for this one is 6 1/2 with a runline of -1 1/2 +110.  A decent gap between RL and ML but that is because the total is so low.  Mets offense has been producing well since April 15th.  Raisel Iglesis is on the mound.  His ERA is 3.09 with 6 walks to 22 strikeouts.  His vulnerability is the WHIP at 1.329 as he has allowed 26 hits in 22 innings.  That is the vulnerability.  The runline for the Mets has some merit for this but in this projected lower scoring game, parlaying the Mets ML with other selections is a much safer offering.

Finish Your Plate

Now let us look at the prices we got for not only the Mets but the Tigers and Giants as well.

  • Mets -210
  • Giants -210
  • Tigers -160

So we place all three of these in a parlay and wager $100 to win.  All three come through and we get our $100 back plus near $255 more.  This is the power of the parlay at work in baseball.  America’s Bookie offers such lucrative wagering options each and every day of the MLB season.

One final thing to remember.  All three of components of the parlay are very pitcher dependent.  Double check to ensure that listed is the option instead of the action option.  If the pitcher gets scratched then it just goes down by one leg of the parlay instead of letting it ride with whomever they give the ball to.  Good fortune in today’s action and we will see you next time here at APEX Baseball Betting.