MLB Analysis : Fade the Giants

The era of manufacturing wins might be over for the Giants by our MLB Analysis.  Great to see everyone back here at APEX Baseball Betting.  Today we take in one of the more curious stats for the 2016 season.  One would not look for it in most circumstances but once it comes across, it is one of the more polarizing trends of the year.  It explains why a team as talented as the Giants relinquished the NL West lead to the Dodgers.  What is it?  Let us look at it right now here at APEX Baseball.

MLB Analysis : Not Once

It must take something to fall from grace so hard.  We have had high hopes for the Giants as seen in this piece here a few months back.  That is until they have continued the most curious of patterns.  Not once has San Fran come back when trailing in the ninth inning.  We needed to get out the calculators for this one.  56 times they have trailed at this junction and nary produced a single win.  For a team that was considered clutch and could create runs out of this air, this borders on the fantastic.

Standings in the NL West

As of press time today, here are the standings of the two in the NL West.

  • Dodgers 77-60
  • Giants  73-64

Can you imagine that they would be tied or even better if they could turn the tables just a few times in the ninth.  Just as incredible is that they are still in the Wild Card and are the top team of the two.  This is just too much to overcome against quality teams in the playoffs.

This would be the first time in the history of the Giants that they finished the season without one comeback in the ninth inning.  It is not just a conversational piece but a pivotal part of the team.  They all know this.  Giants got their chops this last decade by being the team that could defy the odds with their trend setting offensive philosophy.  Without that, they are still an above average team but a fade for the MLB Playoffs if they make it. Good fortune today and we will see you next time here at APEX Baseball.