MLB All Star Free Pick 7/12

Sanity has been returned to the purist as eight Kansas City Royals did not make it to the starting lineup for the All-Star Game.  With the game to determine who gets home field advantage in the World Series,  both teams have something to play for.  In a game which used to celebrate individual accomplishment, managers are willing to keep their stars in for a little while longer to get that win.  APEX Baseball Betting gives our Free Pick to which side will take the day in this summer time staple.

Bam Box

While not as offensively laden as the 150 points or so that the NBA All-Star game produces, offensive output will be up for this one.  Most of it will be due to the fact that the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati is a heaven for hitters.  Before we get into how well they will hit, the question must be answered on can they hit what they can not see.  The man who fired a 105 mph fastball is here.  Throwing for the hometown Reds, Aroldis Chapman will give that extra iota of effort to get the mustard across the plate.  Look for the all time fastest pitch to be thrown and hopefully not hit the batter it is tossed at.

Yost Takes This Seriously

Kansas City will be a favorite to return to the World Series.  Since he got to the Fall Classic last year, he has the honor of leading the team this year.  One can tell the seriousness in which he took this responsibility by adding seven relievers to the lineup.  He will burn through everyone in creating advantageous situations while the NL skip might opt out of.  Being in the NL’s home crib, he must take fan considerations into play while Yost goes for the gusto.

Both leagues have near equal talent.  One has to pander to the crowd and fans while the other does not.  Given also that the AL is a +104 or so underdog then the choice is clear.  The APEX Baseball Betting Free Pick for this one is the American League.  Good fortune in this venture and we will check in with you next time.