Marlins and Ozuna Resolution Soon to be Set

APEX Baseball Betting continues to have our finger on the pulse of the MLB free agent market.  Not only the news and rumors in that realm but in the teams swapping players also.  In this edition, we take a peek at a long Marlin rift that is about to be bridged.  Also Baltimore and Pittsburgh have some tough player decisions coming up.  Join us now as APEX Baseball investigates the goings on in these three markets.

Personality Clash Bests Owner

When a MLB owner can not subdue his pride for the sake of retaining his star twenty five year old centerfielder then the franchise is in trouble.  This is the straights that Marcell Ozuna finds himself in.  Granted the Marlins outfielder did no favors in failing to discuss a contract extension.  His feud with former manager Dan Jennings did not endear him to owner Jeff Loria.  Cleveland and Seattle have been making serious overtures toward the Marlins and expect Ozuna to be shipped shortly.

Pedro Alvarez’s Non Contact

Pittsburgh and Pedro Alvarez also agree that a change of scenery for both would be the best thing.  However finding a home for him is not going to be an automatic placement.  He is your prototypical feast or famine player.  Pedro draws few walks, strikes our frequently, and needs the right home field to convert his power into thirty five plus homeruns.  His expected eight million dollar plus asking price is reasonable for a first baseman but the market has been soft on him.  He is the one on the rumor mill most in limbo.  People want to believe in him but unwilling to surrender much to get him.

Finally, the market will contract somewhat with Scott Boras’ next free agent boon.  Wei-Yin Chen has trumped the stats Porcello got before his monster contract.  The sticky point for this Baltimore pitcher is his age.  Look for a near eye popping deal at $18 million per year.  Baltimore is not going to pay that and will see a downgrade in their starting pitching for the 2016 season.  Good fortune today and keep abreast with all the rumored moves here at APEX Baseball Betting.