Love to Fade This Franchise for Remainder of 2015

How valuable can a good fade become?  I would rather fade a team self destructing than those streaking right now.  Streaking teams in September can tire out during the long grind.  Those that have quit stay that way for the remainder of the season.  Today Apex Sports Betting will look at the one team you should embrace this way.  Also our Free Pick of the Day and impressions from around the league for 8/29.

Its Not Lack of Hitting but Chemistry

Stat gurus love to break down the numbers and point to this or that as the downfall of a team.  For the Angels, the ready made excuse is that all of their hitting has gone dry.  People pontificate that Mike Trout is the end all there.  A wrist injury at the end of July has certainly not helped his stats.  This stretch sees him go .216/.350/.361. Granted this is not an ideal situation when your best batter gets derailed.  In the mean time, Pujols and the rest of the crew have proven they are not up to bailing him out.  While this is the effect, the cause is the caustic nature of the lockerroom. When word makes it to the national media that most are questioning a starter for not playing hurt enough, troubles are far more than we suspect.  2015 should be written off for our wagering purposes on the Angels.

Impressions We Have Gathered

  • Detroit is in last place and pressure is getting to the team.  Miggy berates media saying they always talk (bleep).
  • Toronto LaTroy Hawkins was an afterthought in the trade but has an under one ERA for them.
  • Damn with all the Hype Chris Davis and his numbers get, 168 strikeouts seems an extreme cost to get to this point.
  • A-Rod being ground down.  Attrition finally getting to Alex as he is .109 from the sixth of August.
  • How deep are the Astros?  In the minors, there are three 80 win teams right now and the Houston franchise has two of them.
  • Yadier Molina might need some rest for St. Louis as he is under .250 for August.

Finally, to reiterate how bad it is in Los Angeles.  Jered Weaver screamed at Mike Trout for missing balls in the light the other day.  This tea lacks utter perspective both on the individual and collective scheme of things.  As for 8/29 baseball, the Cubs get to have Lester go for them to halt a three game skid.  No biggie but the Giants have won their last three which has chewed up a lot of their lead.  Look for the Cubs to come up big tonight behind a strong Lester performance.  There is our Free Pick so get in a good price right now at Americas Bookie.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at America’s Bookie.