Key Managerial Moves

National League East teams are in a frenzy to try and catch the new kids on the block.  The Mets shown the talent to dominate for years.  Now that they have the experience of playing in the World Series.  The stage is set.  This has forced some strong but odd personnel moves to bolster the managerial ranks.  APEX Baseball Betting will look at the new skippers for both Miami and Washington.

Mattingly to the Marlins

A big name for certain to match the sky high payroll of the Marlins.  Why would this franchise take on someone who could not make it work when the Dodgers were printing money?  It is not like Giancarlo and other Latin players connect with the Yankee’s legend. This has some many ways to implode rather than making a go of it.  One season of above .500 and then maybe regressions after 2017.

The Lizard

One thing that Dusty Baker has going for him is that he is a player’s coach.  He has handled some of the biggest names of the game and done reasonably well.  Now he gets the team that should give the Mets fits.  The Nationals can match them in pitching prowess and have the offensive firepower to inflict damage to the NL champs.  If injuries are not in the offering again this year, this move can payoff huge if the opening month does not see the Nationals below .500.

While Washington needs a strong start, the Mattingly project needs time to grow roots.  With only so many wins in the National League, Miami will surprise the first year and then tune out Dan.  The Lizard will get the Nats to the Wild Card at least.  We wait anxiously for the season win totals to see where our prognositcation can lead us to profit for 2016.