High Priced Phillies. Which One Stays and Which One Will Go?

Today we take a look at a team that had dynasty written all over them yet fell short.  The Philadelphia Phillies stand at a cross road no more.  Even the more die hards in the organization are starting to realize that rebuilding is going to happen.  Retooling is not an option and the club is prepared to shift anyone to get further to their goal.  Today at Apex Baseball Betting, we will look at two key players and why one is more likely to move than the other.

Demanding in a Calm Rational Tone

This was not from unnamed sources but from the player himself, Cole Hamels wants out of Philadelphia.  He is the last man on a sinking ship.  The Phillies are relegated to rebuilding and all those he won with are gone.  A problem with this is that the sentiment is not shared by ownership.  His presence is an attraction and they are not going to give that away cheaply.  A rumored trade offer by the Padres have San Diego offering two primo players but by all accounts, Philadelphia wanted even more.  What hurts Hamels most of all is that Philadelphia does not have to take action in the least.  He is under contract and they can pin their hopes on the reboot doing better than expected.  A sad case for Hamels to be stuck and without the stroke to get out of town.

Papelbon On the Other Hand

Closers on the other hand with the contract of Jonthan Papelbon make it very enticing to move him.  Again a rumored trade went down because the Phils wanted too much.  Milwaukee would have to cover the option year and also give them a top prospect.  What is making this pot boil more rapidly is the incentive in his contract!  His base is a reasonable $13 M but if he closes out forty five games then the rider kicks in.  Another $13 M on top of that. For a team that is not contending, they are loathe to bite that bullet.  Which means keeping him out of games and creating a clubhouse cancer or making beer that much more expense to cover a bloated contract for a losing team.  Look for him to move and not Hamels maybe even before Opening Day.

Why is it useful looking at this?  Because the season totals futures are out and the Phillies have had some action on it.  The number is 68 1/2 and one side is in the plus side of the category.  The over 68 1/2 is carrying +105 in some markets.  With Cole Hamels not likely to move and Papelbon doing so, the over has more of a chance happening then one would think.  Apex Baseball Betting has invested in the over and implores you to do the same.  Good fortune to us and go Phillies this season.