Hidden Gems Coming into Mid March

Even with the Astros dominating the headlines, Apex Baseball Betting has unearthed two tidbits from the other divisions of the American League.  One does not need to go west to find value in the immediate future.  One comes in the form of a fill in fourth starter that gives better than expected performances.  The other comes from a larger than expected collapse of an entire unit of a team.  Read along and find out what nuggets we unearthed this week.

Lobstein of Detroit

In a lineup that still goes cold for runs, the fate of the Tigers might be in the depths of their starting rotation.  Sanchez and Price are the pillars of stability once again.  Simon seems to be doing a more than able job at transitioning from the National League.  Who Jason being up in the air, the depth that has always been there has been a bit shallow this year.  In walks Lobstein.  3.91 ERA is not something to write home about.  However he has one trait that teams find admirable in that forth starter.  He goes at least five innings in every start.  Without Nathan as a closer, the team needs longevity in the starting role.  While most do not appreciate the job he does, handicappers should savor him because he goes a long way and his prices are very good when wagering on the Tigers these days.

Lower than Low Expectations

Boston MLB Wagering

Bats were going to drive the motor that got Boston to the playoffs this year. Even lively bats could not stall this train’s one way trip to the cellar.  The ticket was punched via the pathetic starting pitching.  Four straight losses were the cause of being jumped on early in every one of those games.   Buchholz finally looked decent for a stretch but that was in dump time after he gave up a boat load of runs.  All of this translates to five inning lines and first inning run props coming in more often than not on the Red Sox.

So here are the two hidden gems to set your sights on.  When Lobstein comes a calling have the bankroll prepared for wagering.  Also the early going really seems to see Boston setback. Five inning lines for them are equally as fruitful.  Until next time, good fortune to you all from Apex Baseball Betting.