Hedge This World Series Future or Not?!

At what point does the practical value of money overcome the theoretical math behind it?  Here we look at the curious case of Dave Oancea.  A professional gambler by trade who put a princely sum of $100,000 on KC Royals futures all across Las Vegas.  We will examine his reasons behind it and what he could have walked away with for certain right before the series began.

Undefeated Tigers

Detroit started the season off like gangbusters.  The undefeated strong start seemed to justify the faith most had in the team from Motown.  However, Dave Oancea saw cracks in their foundation.  Knowing that a bullpen was almost a necessity to have to win the AL Central, he continued to pound the ROyals when they got to the lofty heights of 30-1.  As KC asserted themselves, he had to sit back and wait for months.  They got Cueto and you could feel his pulse quicken a bit  Finally, after a long month of them coasting to the AL Central crown, the playoff chase was set to begin.


As they came back against the Astros, KC made quick work of the Jays.  Now it was time to do the math and come to a decision.  He could hedge and walk away with $750,000 or could let it ride for $2.45M.  What settled it was that the for certain amount was way under even the .50 on the dollar coin flip .  He felt that KC was the superior team and let his heart and mind work in tandem in seeing it through to the end.

The conclusion was not very stressful as a five game series was not a test between two close teams.  Chalk it up to the man who lives the life we all dream about.  Congratulations Dave you deserve your millions in the moment in the sun.