Handicapping Tips and Strategies for Betting on Baseball

What do you know about betting on baseball? The game of baseball is truly a game of numbers and statistics.

Teams like the Oakland Athletics and the Tampa Bay Rays use these numbers and statistics every day to stay competitive with teams of higher payrolls.

Someone looking to place a bet on a baseball game can use these statistics and trends to handicap their bets. You can use them to better educate yourself on the specific play they are choosing to make.

In baseball, there are so many statistics to look at. It can become information overload for anyone who is trying to give themselves an edge while making a bet on a game. Top baseball sportsbooks have all the info, and you need it too!

Here are some specific handicapping tips and strategies when betting on baseball. We’re here to make anyone’s betting plays more informative and enjoyable.

Stadium Advantage When Betting on Baseball

See how this doesn’t say “home-field advantage”.

Home field advantage won’t truly show you the outcome of a game when betting on baseball. What may be a better indicator is the specific stadium the game is being played at. Some stadiums in the MLB favor the pitching staff, while others are made so anyone can hit the ball out of the park.

Taking a deep dive into the specific teams’ run-scoring in the stadium where the game is being played can give a person a better outlook on a contest. Instead of looking at the home team’s advantage. It is crucial to look at the stadium that the game is being played at and how that stadium correlates to the two teams’ playing styles.

Pitching Statistics

Obviously, in baseball, no one position can impact a game more than the pitcher. So looking at key stats for this position will better educate someone on the possible outcome of the game.

First and foremost, ERA is a solid number, to begin with when it comes to pitchers, but not just their total ERA. The ERA against that specific team is more critical than their season ERA.

Betting on the starting pitcher can be a winning strategy

Another pitching statistic that is important is the WHIP. WHIP is the average number of walks and hits per innings pitched for a pitcher. This number will show you how much the specific pitcher puts themselves in harm’s way against the opposing team.

Once again, just like ERA, it is more beneficial to look at the specific opponent rather than the season WHIP average if possible.


Run Scoring Ability

Knowing a team’s run-scoring ability or their runs per nine innings is a stat that can help educate any person making a play.

This stat can also be taken a step further and looked at whether the team is going against a right or left-handed pitcher. Knowing a specific team’s ability against a certain armed pitcher will help look at the outcome of the matchup.

Also, knowing how teams score runs based on the stadium the game is played. Maybe the time of the first pitch can increase the ability to gain knowledge about the contest.

Betting on the run line can be very profitable if you know what to look for. Take a look at explaining MLB run lines & how to bet them.


The weather is not necessarily a statistic but rather a piece of information that many overlook when betting on a baseball game. Weather can impact a baseball game in many ways more than one when it comes to bets being placed. If the weather is rainy and ugly, home runs may not be as prevalent rather than a hot sunny day.

If the ballpark is specifically windy during a game. Knowing the direction of the wind and how it correlates to the ballpark could make it easier or difficult for baseballs to fly out of the ballpark. Therefore gain more home runs during the game.

Researching the weather about the specific game the bet is being placed on is something that truly cannot be overlooked when making an educated bet. If there is a major weather system affecting multiple areas, betting the MLB Grand Salami might be a great option.


Another impactful member of a baseball game doesn’t play for either of the two teams. If you are able to find out who will be the home plate umpire, it would be quite beneficial to research the trends for that specific umpire.

A stat to look at for the specified umpire would be how many runs are scored during their games umpired.

If you find that the specific umpire has a higher run average per game, that would mean he most likely calls fewer strikes and more balls to pitchers. Therefore pitchers tend to give up more hits, walks, and home runs to the opposing lineups. This simple stat can help you win more bets when betting on baseball.

All in all, handicapping your bets for baseball will only increase the chances of a play being made with confidence when making a bet.

The 2022 MLB season is expected to start on March 31, 2022. With hopes the playoffs beginning the first week of October in 2022. The MLB season has 162 games for each team. So there are plenty of opportunities to test out your handicapping tips and strategies for betting on baseball.

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