Funnel System : Four Team for Two AL Playoff Spots

Less than a week remains and four teams still have hearts beating with the hopes to make it through to the American League post season.  We are already bestowing the Yankees with one of the Wild Card spots because it takes a collapse so monumental that it has to counter the over ninety nine percent make the playoffs percentage bestowed by the gurus of math.  So let us look out west as most of the contenders for the two remaining spots reside.

Twins fans have a number in mind but it is the reverse of the magic number they had hoped for.  An elimination number is the dread combination of numerical events in wins and losses it takes to end their season.  They are 1 1/2 behind the Astros for the final playoff spot.  The team that holds most of the cards are the Angels.  They did themselves a great dis service losing 8-7 against the A’s last night. Let us look at how this left for dead team can effect the whole race.

  • Three back of the Rangers with four left to play heads up.  3-1 does not even get them the AL West crown as only a sweep will do.
  • LAA is a half game back of Houston.  So the 3-1 in terms of the AL West crown might be good enough to lap the Astros.

Houston Should Be Proud

Finally, we come to the Astros. A farm system that is fully stocked has this team loaded for future runs.  If they gain the post season then great and if not, the experience they acquire is the last piece of the puzzle.  This franchise could be super strong for years.  Before the season, above .500 would be snapped at.  Now it seems like bitter solace.  They made most of their progress this year despite holding a 10-16 start for the first month of the season.  These are the trials of a team that has big bats.  No one could question their heart even after their thunder silenced.

So in the face of the Cardinals getting to 100, business is still up in the air for the American League.  Texas, Houston, LAA, and even the Twins have life in them.  October is here and the races are almost done.  Time to heed the advice of APEX Baseball Betting and get those reloads into America’s Bookie right now.  Good fortune and prepare for our baseball playoff predictions right around the corner.