Fun + Profit in Home Run Derby

Unique event combines fun and profit this week in MLB action.  Good afternoon and thanks for coming out to see us at APEX Baseball Betting.  On this day, we have a special event for the season.  The Home Run Derby is something uniquely American.  A celebration of hitting the long ball between eight of the best in the professional ranks. That it also can be bet on at America’s Bookie and other offshore sportsbook is a bonus.  So let us look at the format and who might win it all for this 8PM event on ESPN this Monday, July 11th.

Home Run Derby : Format

Eight players meet up in a bracket style elimination event.  Each round has four minutes of action.  Person with the most home runs advances.  One 45 second timeout is given for the participants to catch their breath while they are on the clock.  A second 45 second TO is given in the championship round.  This format also favors those who can really crush the ball.  Get two shots over 440 feet for an additional 30 seconds on the clock.  This has resulted in one person leading the odds and getting most of the action in this one.

Giancarlo Stanton Miami

The big bat of the Marlins has gotten most of the futures betting but is still near +300 or so.  Mark Trumbo is very close behind.  The Oriole receives a price in the +400’s.  Defending champion Todd Fraizer is third in the odds.  For our money, we are going the long shot route.  It is important to look at the Park Factors at Petco for this one.

  • Down the first base line is the shortest path to a home run.
  • Wind should be blowing from third to first in this one.

This gives birth to left handers having an edge.  All of that combined with an anti Coors Field bias has Carlos Gonzalez having an inflated price.  One can get him to win in the +800 region.  A real bang for your buck if there ever was for this evening.

So let us blast off to profit on the big bats of these sluggers.  Perfect way to spend a few hours on a Monday evening.  Beer on hand see long fly balls and screaming at those who lob the ball into their wheelhouses.  Get your bets in today and revel in all that the 2016 Home Run Derby has to offer.