Free Agents That Can Alter MLB’s Landscape for 2016


NL Bound

Unusual for a player to put himself out of half the teams in a market but that is what Johnny Cueto is doing.  He has been on record and continues to reiterate that he is an NL man.  He is high up on the Giants wish list.  Doger money could be his if Price and Greinke dont sign there.  Finally, Miami is in the running if his demands do not get too costly.

Price and Age

Defending world series champs could be in jeopardy of losing another big name.  Ben Zobrist is on more than a few team’s short list to shore up depth.  Contender will look at him more because of his age, 35.  KC would love to have him back but it could be a bidding war.  Yanks and Tigers have the payroll to price KC out of him or another free agent if they can elevate the bidding before Ben signs

Final Seat

When the music stops, Chris Davis could be one of the last big names to be signed.  Reason being is that his agent will fight for every scrap of money.  Boras has the only legitimate power hitter out there.  However, him being a first baseman hurts a bit as most teams have bedrocks at that position already.  Seattle is on the very high interest list.  Boston has the money to spin.  Finally, Houston might want to add his experience to add in the maturation process  of the Astros.  So continue to visit us at APEX Baseball Betting as we will continue to not only monitor the situation but see how this will affect play off futures for 2016.