Formulating Opinions on the NBA East

Parity does produce a feeling that any one team can leap into the fray and emerge out on top.  Out in the East of the NBA, there are at least four openings where any franchise can wrest it from last year’s qualifiers.  Truly, only Toronto and the Cavs are truly safe to qualify.  Let us look at which teams can make that move this year in this edition of APEX baseball Betting.

Debunking Detroit

Motown might crash the party at the seventh or eighth seed not because of style but cohesion. Stan has a team that personifies his personality and style.  Jennings is back after that horrid injury last year.  The question is how fast can Drummond develop.  All he has to do is become proficient in interior defense and get his fitness level up.  A lot of dedication will be needed by this young talent to make the Pistons into a winner this year.

Jefferson Must be Convinced

Charlotte must convince him to stay as this is his last year of the contract.  A quick start is essential in doing this.  They have Kimba who is clutch.  The cancer has been excised by getting rid of Lance Stephenson.  All that remains is for Batum to be proficient and Kidd-Gilchrist to come up big.  Every year people point to this team and say what if.  2015 will be more of how did I miss them if you  do not jump on the bandwagon right away!

So now is the time to do your homework as the NBA preseason is almost here.  Detroit and Charlotte are ready to make their jumps up to the next step.  These are cases where if their pieces work well together then they will make a profitable season for all of us.  SO start out strong on Charlotte and we will see you next time here at APEX baseball Betting.