Format Harms Mets Chances

Smoltz called them the best starting pitching staff since his Braves bolted into retirement.  The New York Mets have a buzz saw of young arms that cut through most lineups with ease.  This is the usual recipe to give you a fighting chance in the playoffs.  So why is it that the 2-2-1 Best of Five format for the NLDS puts them in peril against the Dodgers?  Read on at APEX Baseball Betting to find out why this has driven the price on the Dodgers way down in this series against the Mets set to start 10/9/15.

Dodger Duo

  • Greinke
  • Kershaw

Unless the boys in Dodger blue were facing Arrieta, these two have the best of it any time they step on the mound.  This is where the format advantage goes to the Dodgers as they will at least have three starts from them if it goes to the max.  No slight to the Mets but we have seen elite pitchers already go two for two in dealing shutouts in the Wild Card games.  This and home field advantage are the reasons why the Dodgers are the favorite here.

Price at Americas Bookie

  • Dodgers -210
  • Mets +175

No slight to Degrom but the Dodgers with Kershaw are -210 in Game One as well.  The total at least flatters the Mets in it being at 5 1/2!  Get those sports investments in now as the game starts on 10/9 at 9:30 PM EST.  Secure your price now and good fortune  to your selections from us at APEX Baseball Betting.