Fickle Fate Has Reversal of Fortune in AL Central

A shift from the traditional hierarchy might be under way in the AL Central.  Tigertown has set comfortably on the catbird seat atop this division for years.  Kansas City stole some of their thunder last year by making it to the World Series.  Now a strong start by Motown has been erased.  This holiday weekend has seen them get leapfrogged by a favorite punching bag of the past.  Which team is this and is there profit still available to be made on them?  This issue will be tackled in the following edition of Apex Baseball Betting.

Reversal of Fortune

Same old Twins were on the lips of many as they limped out of the gate.  In fact, Detroit made mincemeat of them early on in a series sweep that featured scores of 4-0, 11-0, and 7-1.  This left Minnesota at 5-9 looking way up as KC and Detroit both rocketed from the gate.  However led by their feisty new coach Paul Molitor, they did not lose hope and slowly turned the tide.  A treasure trove was to be had on them for those that bet on their moneyline.  With this holiday weekend, they actually caught up and passed the Detroit Tigers for second place in the division.

Everyone but Detroit

Since the start of this month, the Twins have taken down every series in May with the exception of the one against the Tigers.  They dispatched of Boston rather easily on Memorial Day.  Now with them hosting the Red Sox and Jays before hitting the road again, the window of value is closing on them.  Even if their road success continues, the linesmakers will have caught up to them by then.  However, value is plentiful on them.  While Clay may have regained some of his form, his inconsistency still plagues him for Boston.  Minnesota at home is getting near +125 for tonight’s game.

The Free Pick of the Day are these Twins at home for +125 against the Red Sox at 5/26.  Hop on one of these last chances to cash in on value with this team.  The other shoe will drop soon but not tonight.  Good fortune to us and we will see you next time here at Apex Baseball Betting.