Extracting Gap Value from ML and RL at America’s Bookie 5/9

ML and RL gap can be successfully wagered just on the price difference for extreme value.  Good Monday morning MLB fans from APEX Baseball Betting.  Today, we go over the menu to examine the gap in pricing between run lines and money lines.  Some situations are so far out of kilter that the – 1 1/2 should not matter that much compared to the frequency that it will cash in.  What got our eyes glued to this in particular for 5/9 is the Brewers at the Marlins!  So let us get down to creating profit for this Monday at America’s Bookie.

Gap Value at America’s Bookie

One has to go no further down the menu than the first item to get the blood pumping today.

  • Miami ML -260
  • Miami -1 1/2 -105

This is a game in Miami with Fernandez starting.  Now some might worry about his over four ERA but his FIP of 2.66 is near his career norm.  His strikeouts per nine innings is leading the league.  Walks are kind of high for him this year but he is facing the Brewers in his home park.  There should be little pitching around for him today.  The gap of 155 points is far too much value to ignore.  Wager on the Marlins RL gap at Americas Bookie for those that take baseball investment seriously.

Other Two Games With Heavy ML Favorites

  • Detroit @ Washington -200
  • SD @ Cubs -260

Both of these games have healthy gaps but not as much as the Marlins at this moment.  Chicago is on a seven game win streak where six times they have cashed the runline.  Lester is on the mound for them.  No days off in May for San Diego.  Going on a long road trip that saw them being sent off with two losses via the Mets.  RL is -120 here but again far too much value not to plunk down some money on.

The Tigers and the Nationals are one of the few games where we will avoid even though their is a gap of 115.  Washington got swept in a four game series against the Cubs.  Tigers are in utter collapse mode losing six in a row.  Someone has to win but a one run win by the home team could be in the cards.

So here is a sports investment strategy that does not involve exhaustive analysis.  Bet the streak and gap that the Cubs have.  Strong pitching at home serves us well in Miami.  Hands off approach in the Tigers and Nationals game.  Good fortune with this trend at America’s Bookie and we will see you next time here at APEX Baseball Betting.