Doc’s Sequel in Acid Was a Show Stopper

American League Futures are dominated by two teams.  The Angels and Mariners are the favorites with the Tigers also thrown in the mix.  Do the odds makers learn little?  Angels and Tigers are sticking to the same equation that got them buried last year in the playoffs.  Seattle added a key piece and has that one ace to get the big game.  Apex Baseball Betting is encouraging you to look at Seattle to take the American League.  See what odds you can get at America’s Bookie today.

LSD Might Not Be a PED

Some may know of the famous story of Doc Ellis hurling a no hitter while tripping on acid.  A logical train of thought would be to try it again.  Even though it is not as well known as the first installment, he did go to the mound a second time while partaking of the acid.  The second time gave birth to plunkapoloza as he wanted to bean every Red in the Lineup.  This came forth in part by being maced trying to get into the Reds’ Stadium.  By the time he got Morgan, Rose, and another hitter, he was pulled but not for a lack of trying.

Quality Import for Pittsburgh

Jung Ho Hang is an import from the South Korean leagues.  Negotiation rights for his contract came in for a meager $5 million.  They signed him for an eleven million dollar deal.  At short, he is not the power hitter teams want but is a player of the new system that wins the World Series.  KC and San Fran basically relied on one ace and a variety of ways to produce runs.  Sluggers for teams like Detroit and LAA went silent while the two World Series teams kept manufacturing runs.  What is overlooked is that his bat speed and OPS more than make up for juiced power numbers in the South Korean League.  Not PED’s but the ball parks are offensively friendly like Coors in Denver.  If MLB pitchers have a hard time discerning Jung’s trademark high leg kick in his swing then eleven million is a cheap price for a player who can fly.

April can not come soon enough.  While we really like Seattle, do they have what it takes to get past a loaded National League representative in the Series?  Join us next tie as we will discuss who we like from that circuit.  This plus the breakdown of each division is on the way.  Good fortune and we will see you next time at Apex BaseBall Betting.