Do the Totals Go Lower With Inept Offense in 2015?

Mind boggling are some of the anti numbers produced in 2015 so far.  Dodger nation was witness to their boys in blue slinging thirty five innings of scoreless ball.  Two teams are on pace to smash the single season record of strikeouts by a batting team.  Finally, San Fran had eight shutouts at their home park by just their pitchers.  The trend is that batters have been struggling so far.  Will this continue?

High Profile Players

Cano can not even do it when he has a potent threat waiting in the wings.  Nelson Cruz was suppose to be the cure all and get Cano some pitches to look at.  Cruz is doing his part at bat but Robinson is not taking advantage of the soft pitch selection being afforded to him.  Two home runs in over two hundred at bats is unforgivable even if Safeco is your home field.

Drama in LA might not have been the cause of Matt Kemp’s woes.  He has even less in the power department than Cano for San Diego this year.  His health is intact as he has played in all their games but he can not get the proper angle at bat.  When your average on balls in the air is below .100 then some nagging injury is interfering with optimal batting motion.

Others around the league are faring no better.  Melky has five extra base hits in over two hundred at bats.  Yadier Molina has the bagel for home runs this year.  Even Ian Kinsler from Detroit is down from his normal thirty home run pace to be at one four baser this year.

Out of all of these, Cano will bounce back with his power numbers.  He is too established, has ample protection, and is still in the right age range.  David Ortiz of the Red Sox is far past his best years.  Kemp is showing that he is over rated and that the San Diego offense will suffer through June.  So except for a correction in Seattle expect all the rest of the teams to continue to falter in batting productivity.  Good fortune and wager on the totals according to this to end June with a higher expectation.