Divergent Methods On Building Baseball Dynasties

Plans to make a winning baseball team should have shifted with the recent World Series.  We had the Royals and Giants whose paths to the Fall Classic defied conventional wisdom.  Teams like Oakland and Detroit embraced an arms race to overpower opposing lineups.  The problem is that they were neglectful of their own run production and fell rather easily by the wayside.  The Angels took to another path and had less pitching but more power bats.  They also took it on the chin.  How did the Royals and Giants accomplish their goals and what very high priced signing indicates that America’s love affair with the long ball is far from over?

An Ace and Many Means

Dynasty has to be used when it comes to San Fransisco.  How they did it was a main ace and the means of producing runs.  Madison Bumgarner was the durable dead eye whom you can pencil in wins for his starts.  Timely hit was half of it but the ability to scrap, steal, and create runs was why their production maintained while teams like Detroit plummeted.  Kansas City was in the same mold but with a tad more speed and defense at the cost of a premium starter.  The landscape was all set to shift and then a counter move to this was performed in Miami.

MLB News

Mega Deal for Giancarlo Stanton

Decade plus deals have had a horrible history in Major League Baseball.  Ownership in Miami must have decided that the wayward factor in this was the advanced age of those that signed them.  They went young and within their own franchise signing Stanton to thirteen years near $325 million dollars.  He is 25 and considered to be one of the best power hitters in the game. Now his presence is undeniable but with witnessing over and over again that the high priced bats disappear in the playoffs, how does Miami expect to win a World Series in the current climate?  To be competitive yes, but it goes against the prevailing wisdom.

Teams can not help themselves by going for that cornerstone piece to cure all their woes and awful farm systems.  It takes time to build but only cost money to generate lightning.  While KC and San Fransisco have flexibility and many possibilities if a cog goes down, an entire season or even decade could go down the tubes if Stanton meets with misfortune.  Stay tuned to next weeks article in which we explore how this affected if at all the prices of the Marlins in the post season and possible win totals.  Americas Bookie is our baseball betting sites primary out for our MLB wagering needs.  Healthy bonus promotions and a universe of betting styles and types exist at Americas Bookie.  Check them out today and tell them that Apex Baseball Betting sent you.