Nixon to China, the Berlin Wall, and the fall of the Soviet Union are three major events that caused shock waves through the world economies.  Now we have another event almost on par with these.  Cuba and the United States are opening up to each other.  Embassies are being re-established with the promise of quality Cuban cigars to follow.  In baseball, one of the last frontiers of mysterious talent is being ripped open.  Oh to be a fly on the wall in the Red Sox front office these days.

Many Expletives Later

This has little to do with Rusney Castillo as a player or his potential upside.  It is a dollars and cents sentiment about the $72.5 million dollar deal that really resembles a let it ride wager in Vegas.  Fueled by Puig and the success of others, the Sox decided to get in on the next big trend in a big way.  Had the market waited four to five months then his fetching price would be much lower?  One of the last great contracts for unknown talent was this one.  The Red Sox are going to be thrilled if history proves this move to be a bust.


Why Taint the Royals?

Dissent at the price of talent is often not worth the risk.  Edinson Volquez has put up the numbers to warrant a decent contract.  13-7, 3.04 ERA in over thirty starts is the durability their staff needed.  What they do not want is the distractions this player can cause!  At 31, this is his sixth team.  Franchises will work with talented pitchers so why has this one gone to so many locales.  The presence of all those frequent flier miles is a sign that the ride the Royals had last year might not repeat.