Degrees of Ownership With Cueto

Cueto has been cash money these last few starts for the Reds and the cappers that tail him.  He is considering this his final audition to not only his trade destination but in getting that coveted free agent contract.  However he had to face the new king on the block, Max Scherzer.  He is the posterboy of signing a monster day and coming out strong from the get go.  Let us review the Reds 5-0 win over the Nationals last night and see how it will effect the Reds from this point on.

Max Momentum

Cincinnati (38-44) has had one team that they have been dominant against.  Five wins and zero losses against the Nationals are a head scratcher.  With Washington’s line up in the medical ward, it is up to the starting pitching to keep them in most games.  Max has been great in this regard but even he can have an off night.  Votto got to him with a double and a home run that both provided pivotal points.  He got chased before five innings were complete.  This gave even more fuel to Cueto on this evening.

Game Score of 93

A bubble gum stat that does not tell anything specific but it is a great indication of the night he had.  A 93 means that Cueto killed it.  Nine innings for a complete game.  Two hits, eleven strikeouts, and a walk meant next to no opportunities to let one cross the plate.  Johnny sometimes lets up more fly ball outs than ground ball ones but not last night.  On the Reds side of the equation, they are getting almost every iota from the very limited time they have left with him.  Eight times out of ten they have had him exceed one hundred pitches.

With the Reds nowhere near either the wild card berths or the division title, Cueto will be dealt  Cincinnati can afford most players but not the level which Johnny will garner.  Will he be a mercenary for half a season or shipped to a contender that has the wallet to keep him.  We have until the end of the month to wait but expect him to be moved immediately.  Apex Baseball Betting will track his movements so we can profit from his next stop on the road.