Dealing Pretenders Into Contenders

One or two players from the promised land is the main thought that drives many MLB general managers.  Some find themselves in weaker divisional races where anyone can win.  Others are in runaway divisions like the AL Central where the also rans must already contend for the wild card.  APEX Baseball Betting will examine a few of the teams we really like for post season possibilities and the move that can put them over the top.

Wrong Phase of Pitching – Toronto

Batting propels this team but might not get them to the post season.  For a city starved for a winner, the most straight forward way to get them there is with a closer.  A starter increases their post season chances but the firmen hold games that the offense can come way back to win.  Papelbon of the Phillies would do the trick.  They have enough for the high asking price of Philadelphia.  Whether they will do it instead of starting pitching will remain to be seen.

Tigers Pitching

Write off Verlander.  Justin is done and no excuse of injury can hide this fact.  The team in rebuild mode that can help Detroit is Oakland.  Scott Kazmir they could get him.  Injury woes and a price tag of $13M will not make them balk.  Whether they can amass enough for Oakland to take is the rub.  Benefit to the Tigers here because the A’s are motivated to move him because double digit millions is intolerable with their team.

Next time at APEX Baseball Betting, we will tackle the National League pretenders that can elevate their chances with just one key player.  Our Free Pick of the Day is the Under 11 1/2 for Texas at Oakland.  The computers are not afraid of this total.  Coors Field for one night will be quiet on 7/21.  Good fortune and we will talk to you later at APEX Baseball Betting.