Dave Dombrowski Butchering Boston Already?

Hailed as one of the architects that got the Detroit Tigers out of the dog house, he is attempting to recreate Boston in one fell swoop.  He has gone often to the larders of the Padres as of late to raid their bloated team.  Is he doing prudent moves or move of the horsetrading that got him exiled from the Motor City last year?  Read on with APEX Baseball Betting to see where the Red Sox stand now and why you truly need a score card for their lineup these days.

Lesson Learned?

Let us straight away address an issue with Dombrowski teams.  Usually above average but almost always with a horrid bullpen.  Even when he gets two closers like in Soria and Nathan, one gets hurt and the other underperforms.  Here in Boston, he has attempted to put to rest the bullpen issue once a for all and boy did Boston pay a price.  Extortion it could almost be called for the ransom that the Padres got for Craig Kimbrel.  Three prized prospects to get your anchor would normally be considered a head scratcher.  However, the minor league system is still blessed for the Sox after this trade.

Historical perspective

Last time a ton of talent went to San Diego in a trade, Adrien Gonzalez went to Boston.  He stayed exactly one year.  Anthony Rizzo was one of the prospects sent and the Cubs seem happy with him after prying him from San Diego.  Casey Kelly disappeared for years on the MLB grid before being back in the minors this year.  Finally Raymond Fuentes was thrown in and have done little to note on the major league level.  So not all prospects are the hit variety but Dombrowski better hold onto his asset for longer than Gonzalez did with his predecessor.

Trading Dave is in town and fell into a situation where the store is full.  Make no mistake, the Red Sox will make a run the next year years.  Hopefully the organization will have some patience and not deal every asset they have like Detroit has done.