Dark Horse for Cy Young

CY Young might not get to travel west of the Mississippi River this year.  Two Dodger’s out west were thought to be neck and neck for this title but there being on the same team might damage each other.  Out in a traditional market comes a pitcher leading his franchise back into the playoffs. Today on APEX Baseball Betting, we have a peek at that pitcher.  But first let us look at those never say die Twins.

With a smidgen more talent, the world could be for the taking in regards to the Minnesota Twins.  Last night’s 3-2 win against the Astros illustrate this to a tee.  The drama in the ninth inning alone was worth the price of admission.  Eddie Rosario came up more clutch than a sixteen year old learning to drive as he got a two RBI triple with two outs in the top of the ninth.  Then a diving and whirling catch with two outs in the bottom of the inning to save the game.  With the rookies growing up in a hurry, they might not have to wait until the sophomore season to have a taste of playoff baseball.

CY Young Ship it to Arrieta  

Shutting down the Arizona Diamondbacks is not as easy as one thinks.  The D Backs have several players that can out and out mash the ball.  But when Jake Arrieta shut them out for eight innings, we saw his ERA go down to 2.03.  Not only that but it is below the one run mark since the All-Staar Break.  Two reasons are why he and not one of the boys in Dodger Blue are going to get it.  Jake leads the league in wins with 18.  Greinke has a better era at 1.59 but will splinter votes away from Clayton.  Finally, the Dodgers are supposed to win while the Cubs are fulfilling their potential.  It is all about the story in the modern times and Jake Arrieta winning the Cy Young makes for compelling history.