Current Market For World Series Futures

One of the ways to profit from monitoring all the free agent moves is by wagering World Series futures.  Overreaction will cause teams like last year’s Washington Nationals to be way over valued.  More than a few saw the Royals would coast to the division and have more than a fair share to win it all.  Whom have linesmakers dub the favorite?  What team has a great potential payoff?  All this right now from APEX Baseball Betting.

Best Bargain

Seattle at +2600 is a steal for a team that is composing themselves of athletic players who can manufacture runs.  Losing Iwakuma to the Dodgers cost them innings in the regular season but he was a leak against above average hitting teams.  To cope with that they got Wade Miley from Boston.  He became extra after Dombrowski signed Price.  Miley picked up steam near the end of the season and more than makes up for Iwakuma at 35.  The franchise shed $9 million from trading Trumbo.  More moves on the way for a team that is playoff ready and bound to be better than the Angels in 2016


Your favorite to win it all at +850 is the Chicago Cubs.  Now they added Lackey to bolster their pitching prowess.  Young with a lot of power translates to a lot of regular season wins.  The bad part is that they play in the NL Central.  Pittsburgh should be a challenge but look for a drop off from St. Louis.  Makes sense from a linesmaker point factoring in the brand name allure of the Cubs to prompt betting.  This is not a good price for them on such a long term investment.

Finally, respectability seems to come by throwing money at it.  Boston is +1000 to win it all.  Remember the Nationals of last year.  Getting all star pieces does not guarantee that your team will not be ravaged by injury.  Odd that Boston probably has thinner depth than the Nats did last year.  An odd team to put ahead of the Royals and even the Jays.  Check back with us later in the week as we look at the fringe teams that are lower or higher than they should be.  Good fortune in your wagering from your friends at APEX Baseball Betting.