Credible Conspiracy Theories for Remainder of 2015 Season

Conspiracy is the mystery that hides behind the shadows of Major League Baseball.  Each year has some mysterious events that leave us to wonder what is really going on.  Two of the more credible types have crossed our desk at Apex Sports Betting.  One has a definite wagering angle while the other might have use for a world series future.  Without any further ado, let us find out what truth is out there from the following theories.

Moving Mountains

An opinion that might be profitable to augment into your equations is this.  The Toronto Blue Jays are the cure for what ails baseball.  They present a down and out franchise that has not be relevant for well over a decade.  Power galore with speed to scoot around the bases, there is little chance of a post season offensive fizzle that we saw from teams like the Detroit Tigers.  Couple all of that with two quality starters and you have a team that can win it all from the Cinderella spot.  A double digit winning streak go them into contention for the playoffs.  Look for the strike zone to be reduced for them as the league office realizes that for this season, north of the borer is where the gold is at.

Ballast at Third Base Coach?

In the midst of a playoff run, the Dodgers did something odd that escaped the main stream radar.  The franchise opted for this moment of time to insert Ron Roenicke as their new third base coach.  Lorenzo Bundy had more than one occasion of holding or waving runners by that had the Dodger Blue left to scratch their heads.  But they did not can him!  He got moved to outfield coordinator with John Valentin taking a different position outside of the dugout.  No one doubts the knowledge of the game he has so perhaps Don Mattingly should be very nervous if the Dodgers fall short of the series this year.