Counting on Clay and Top MLB Power Rankings 7/1

Boston’s Climb With Clay?!

Starting pitching has been the reason for decay in Boston. An underachieving 2015 sees them at 35-43 and in the cellar of the AL East. It has been widely assumed that a staff with a 4.71 ERA does not have a standout starter. Well they do and surprisingly it is Clay Bucholz. Monday evening had Red Sox’s Nation in for a treat as he shut down a potent Jays’ offense. Five hits and K’s with zero walks in eight innings is a usual indicator of a win. They did triumph 3 to 1. Hopefully, the rest of the starters will start falling in line before this team decides to pull the plug near the trade deadline later this season.

Power Rankings Outside of St. Louis

#1 on the list is so far ahead of the pack that we mention them only in passing. St. Louis is head and shoulders above the league right now. With the perception that 2015 is the year of the pitcher, National League teams are getting the benefit of the doubt over their American brethren. With no further ado, let us peek at the rest of the top teams of the league.

  • Perception is all that separates the Dodgers and Nationals. LA gets more of the benefit from a fan perspective. Kershaw is having a monster season in strikeouts and is having a good season. However, the number gurus are down on him for “under performing.” This is just sheer rubbish. Washington does not get enough credit because of the preconceptions that go with Strausburg. His form after he has returned from the DL reminds one of his former fireball self.
  • In the American League, the top team is given slightly more to the Royals than the Astros. Houston gets more fan pop due to their very slanted offensive philosophy which is home run dependent. Besides a billion undeserving all-stars, this team gets about the credit they deserve. ML’s assigned to them are pretty accurate. This is the most steady team in the major leagues going into the All-Star Game.

So in regards to the titans of baseball. Houston is a little over valued due to factors of fluctuation with their offense. Washington is under valued when Stephen goes to the mound. Finally, look to selectively fade the Cardinals as few teams have historically kept up this pace. Good fortune with your baseball wagering and we will talk later this week at APEX Baseball Wagering.