Congratulations to the Royals

Kansas City finished the journey that they started last season.  A surprise World Series finalist the year before, the Royals jumped out to a huge lead in the AL Central.  So much so that it was difficult to judge their prowess because they essentially took the last month off of the season.  In the end, they ramped it up and brushed aside the New York Mets.  Let us at APEX Baseball Betting examine the formula that they converted to the title.

Mold of the Giants

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Having won three out of the last six titles, San Fran had a formula that allowed them to be ultra competitive in the post season.  One ace pitcher to help get that must have game.  Combine that with the ability to manufacture runs and that is it.  Big bats go by the wayside when fed a continual diet of stellar starting pitching. KC kept their cool and two other conditions lead to the five game series win.

Young Mistakes

Two items lead directly to the Mets downfall.  Mental decisions with their pitching were horrid.  First ball strikes to hitters that look to swing right away.  Allowing a gassed starter to stay in even after he walks the leadoff batter.  That and the onus on the entire staff throwing heat during the long season led to their arms wearing out.  NY had the most strikes thrown over 95mph by a wide gap over the rest of the league. When they will develop or rely on other pitches, they will be a much harder out next time they are here.

So congratulations KC.  It has been a long time coming.  We at APEX Baseball Betting will bring you pictures from the parade.  It should be one heck of a party in the American Midwest this week.