Combination to the Vault Might Have Been Found In New York!

A stirring is arising from a major market.  Dormant and assumed to be in decline, the Evil Empire is stirring once again.  It has looked on and coveted the moves that the Dodgers and other teams have done.  Even with a $200M payroll and a GM who says they might not spend, rumors speak differently.  What highly placed NY exec said what about the Pinstripes that has the league looking around?  Read on as Apex Baseball betting looks at his and MLB futures in this issue.

Possible Increased Value For NY Yankee Futures

Whom would have ever thought that it would be necessary to make public statements that the Yankees would spend money?  Since the Boss died, the Yankees may not have been frugal but are nowhere near the ATM that they used to be.  Now it takes Hal Steinbrenner coming out to say, yes we did not forget the PIN code and will be looking to invest in the team.  The offseason has been quiet for the Pinstripes at the moment however this is an indication that the vault will be opened before Opening Day.  This goes counter to Cashman’s attitude the last month or so.  He seemed to be intent on passing  up on Max but this might have changed now.  While Hal said that you dont need $200M to win these days, the Yankees still have holes and he will do what it takes to fill them.  Finally some noise out of the Big Apple that the Yanks are coming back. Let the Max Scherzer rumors begin anew.

yanks money

Projected Wins For MLB Run Too Close Together

The blade might be a tad too sharp over at Fangraphs.  A treasure trove of information for MLB fans, their projected win totals for the next season run a tad too close together to be completely accurate.  I am not saying that it is not a very good depiction for an order of strength among MLB teams.  What it lacks is a usefulness for MLB win props.  Now what I like to use them as a resource for are futures for each of the division winners.  I would think that all the hard work they do over there could come in big time for the futures.  Let us see the projected winners just by peering at projected wins next year.

  • Boston
  • Detroit
  • Seattle
  • Washington
  • St. Louis
  • LAD

A stance on the Mariners out in the AL West is certainly the most interesting of the otherwise vanilla predictions.  Next time at Apex Baseball betting, we will start to go in depth on Seattle.  It will be another fascinating race out there and the value of the futures will be good considering that three power house teams are in that division.  Also, baseball seems a bit more interesting when the Evil Empire in the Big Apple decides to assert themselves.  Until next time, Apex Baseball will keep their eyes on the wire for any potential land mines coming up in MLB futures.