Current Market For World Series Futures

One of the ways to profit from monitoring all the free agent moves is by wagering World Series futures.  Overreaction will cause teams like last year’s Washington Nationals to be way over valued.  More than a few saw the Royals would coast to the division and have more than a fair share to win it

Hidden Aspects From Catchers

Considered an almost throw away at bat, catchers are making a comeback with projected renewed prowess at the plate for 2015.  APEX Baseball Betting has pondered this position and come up with a few names that add hidden value to their team.  Whether on a daily basis or those futures we love to speculate on.

More Pitchers Get Mad Money

Two more free agent signings have managed to put David Price on the back burner.  One eclipses his deal in average amount per year.  The other is the oddest committal of near $100 million dollars we have ever seen.  So what two national league teams demonstrated that not only can the american league spend money.

David Price Breaks the Bank of Boston

Samardzija Rumor : $100 Million This is what the camp around Jeff is saying that is already in their grasp should they decide to sign the deal.  What are they waiting for?  Generous projections had teams like Miami offering near the seventy million dollar mark.  For one spectacular season, this inning grinder should thank his

Mariners Making a Move for Aoki

One of the franchises that is comprehending on how to build a modern pennant winner is the Seattle Mariners.  They are tying to mold their team to the most athletic version they can find.  Players that can run, play defense, lay down bunts, and manufacture runs.  Their latest target can do all of these things

Zimmerman Signs with the Tigers

Tigers and Red Sox pinged the radar this week at APEX Baseball Betting.  Detroit is trying to demonstrate that they are not in full blown rebuild mode.  Meanwhile, Boston is trying to ship a recently acquired player that does not fit the Dombrowski mold.  So without any further ado, let us get down to the

Minnesota Lands Prize Right Handed Slugger

Pitchers are not the only ones making the long trek from overseas to stake their claim in the major leagues.  Byung-Ho Park is a right handed slugger from South Korea that saw heavy interest and bidding.  Minnesota landed the charge and obtained the rights for him.  Found out how they did this and what effect

From and To Japan in Baseball News

Our home office’s radar has pinged twice with Japan being the front and center in the story.  One was in jest but the other had gums flapping over a new talent.  What pitcher could be coming stateside to play in the Major Leagues?  Who is the free agent prize that joked that he was off

Preparing to Lose Chris Davis

A buyer and seller are being brought together to plug the anticipated void from Chris Davis’ departure.  The Baltimore player is expected to become the former as his free agent asking price is likely not to be met by the O’s. This leaves the with a team that can still compete but at a disadvantage

AL East MVP’s Going into 2015

One of the more proven ways to judge a team’s potential for the upcoming season is to see if their star or most valuable player has it in him to do better.  If he does not then the franchise requires effort from a plethora of other members to just keep up.  So let us at