Tips for Handicapping Baseball

Let’s get into some tips for handicapping baseball. Key Points – Unlike NFL and NBA betting, baseball is more of a moneyline sport. – Baseball bettors have a number of factors – pitchers, weather, etc. – to consider when handicapping for baseball. Betting on baseball is fun and exciting and can also be profitable for

2022 World Series Futures

2022 World Series futures are on our mind. It’s almost hard to believe that in a little over a month pitchers and catchers will start reporting to spring training. The 2022 Major League Baseball season won’t be too far behind. The Atlanta Braves pulled a huge surprise last season winning the 2021 World Series after

Handicapping Tips and Strategies for Betting on Baseball

What do you know about betting on baseball? The game of baseball is truly a game of numbers and statistics. Teams like the Oakland Athletics and the Tampa Bay Rays use these numbers and statistics every day to stay competitive with teams of higher payrolls. Someone looking to place a bet on a baseball game

Tips Getting You Ready for 2021 MLB Season

Baseball does not receive a fair judgment when it comes to betting. Baseball is one of the best sports in the world to wager. And we’re here to get you ready for the 2021 MLB season. Each team plays 162 games, which equates to 2,430 total contests. This is an overwhelming amount of betting opportunities.

2021 MLB MVP Odds

It’s time to look at 2021 MLB MVP odds! While Major League Baseball is still figuring out the season schedule, we’re just a few short weeks away from spring training. The plan is to play the full 162 games, though there have been discussions of a shorter season, especially if COVID-19 forces cancellations. Now is

2021 MLB Futures Need to Know

The NFL Playoffs are here, so it’s time to start your research for your 2021 MLB futures. Barely two months ago, the Los Angeles Dodgers finished off the Tampa Bay Rays to win the World Series. Since then, teams have been making moves they hope will position them to challenge the champions in 2021. Mandated

Explaining MLB Run Lines & How to Bet Them

Major League Baseball, like all sports, has a variety of wagers available. Betting MLB run lines is a bet that is very popular for smart baseball bettors. It’s very similar to the puck line when betting hockey and the point spread bets in other sports, with one major exception. ONLINE SPORTS BETTING – BETTING MLB

2021 MLB Season Handicapping

The champagne is still dripping from the walls of the Dodgers’ locker room after a 32-year World Series drought. Instead of allowing the moment to pass slowly, the odds for the 2021 World Series had already been posted. It’s never too early to start our 2021 MLB season handicapping. The 60-game sprint and 16-team playoffs

2020 MLB Playoff Betting

Major League Baseball has had a rocky 60-game regular season, punctuated by coronavirus-induced postponements and makeup doubleheaders. With five games left before the postseason begins on Sept. 29, the playoff picture is quickly coming into focus. It’s time to help clear the air when it comes to 2020 MLB Playoff betting. AMERICA’S BOOKIE OFFERS BONUSES

Why Betting the MLB Grand Salami is Fun

There are few bets that are as fun as betting on the world-famous MLB Grand Salami. So what is the salami? No, it’s not a delectable deli favorite. It’s one of the hottest bets you can make, and no, not hot and spicy like freshly sliced salami. We’ll stop the food puns and focus on