Can the Yankees Make the Same Leap Seattle is Expected to do?

Much of the preseason talk has been around Seattle.  Experts are convinced the A’s organization came up craps in their gamble at World Series glory.  They even have them over the vaunted Angels in the same division.  Cruz gets their cleanup spot popping. With upgrades in the outfield, they appear ready to take a leap into that upper echelon this year.  So can the New York Yankees be expected to join them this year?

Yankees Itching to Bolster Pitching

Replacement parts make any car owner nervous.  This augmentation to the original design usually means performance at a level lower than new.  This is the problem with their quality starting staff.  Sabathia’s weight makes it even harder on a knee problem that is becoming problematic.  Nova had Tommy John surgery and while this has extended many careers it is no sure fire cure.  Tanaka has been pitched to death and his elbow is suffering.  So what will New York do now that the cars have been driven off of the lot?


What appears to be flights of fancy with certain teams just might be credible rumors with our Yankees.  Sure, the Boss is gone but his money is still with them.  The Nationals hold a particular appeal as they seem to have a glut of pitching.  So much so that one of their stellar starters will have to go to the bullpen just because their are not enough innings in a season.  Even a kingpin like Cueto from the Reds has been whispered due to the Reds floundering late in the season.  Can the pinstripes offer anything?

Ingenuity has been the calling card for this organization.  Sheer dollars got most of it through.  However, their minor league teams are more stocked than usual.  Sitting on their hands for far too long, the Yanks better make a move or two more or they will be sitting outside the AL East once again.